Mother Mother Concert – Whistler Sep’16

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This Sept 3rd, Mother Mother played on a live concert in the Whistler Village. My wife and I discovered their music some time ago and we became fans. The more we listen the more we appreciate their work. Once we heard they were going to play, it was a no-brainer.

Concert photography is one of my favorite subjects and to capture their performance was a blast. This entire concert was shot from a single position close to Jasmin and with an 85mm prime lens. Although this was a bit limiting, I was there not as a photographer but as a fan and I wanted to enjoy a little bit.

The irony from these images is that one of my favorite things about music photography is the colors of the stage, the different lighting, etc. As I was processing the images, it still felt like there was something missing and for the first time, I felt that the final product should be all in black and white. It enhances the focus on them, their performance and the emotion of the music.

The band was amazing and I definitely recommend you to check them out on a live performance, youtube or just download their songs.

Here are some links to the event page and also to the band’s website. Check them out!